April Edition, 2017
Which Is the Very Best?
Opus X ... or ... Padron 1964 Anniversary Series
The Local Sales Manager of Lexus Autos claims that when he sells a red car like this one he celebrates by smoking an Opus X ($43.50 at The Depot).

He supports his claim that the Opus X is the very best in luxury cigars by citing the example of Steve Harvey.

But he ignores two things: (1) In 2015 Steve Harvey disgraced himself by crowning the wrong girl the winner in the Miss Universe contest and (2) Robert Kraft picked Padron 1964 Anniversary cigars ($30.60 at The Depot) to pass out to his Patriot team players after they came from behind to win the Super Bowl this year.

We think that Robert Kraft is right that the Padron is king of cigars, and that Steve Harvey and his follower, the Lexus Sales Manager, are LOSERS!
This is such a nasty newsletter that neither one of us will ever darken the door of your store (even though we hear that it is the best cigar shop west of the Hudson). Furthermore, you are in danger of being banned from ever again purchasing a red car.

Signed: Steve Harvey, Television Personality
and a Lexus Sales Manager
Don’t worry you lovers of Padrons – You may use my black limo anytime you come to Boston. In the meantime, please check whether these guys, Steve Harvey and his follower, were in on the theft of Tom Brady’s shirt during the time after the game when I was passing out Padron cigars to REAL winners.
Signed: Robert Kraft, Owner of the Patriots


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