blackmanJoe Brown Is All Wet:

          Your customer Joe Brown was all wet last month in his letter to the Editor which claimed that this newsletter is biased toward Perdomo cigars. Ironically, he then proceeded to endorse your recent addition of Joya de Nicaragua Antanos, which happened to have been my suggestion. I’ve never met Mr. Brown but I have learned that he is obsessed with Chubby Shorts (the Cuban Stock line). I happen to be Irish and, as such, I resent someone with an English name trying to push his own faulty taste in cigars onto the rest of us.

                                                                             Customer, Kenny (last name withheld)

Editor’s Response:

          Kenny, it just so happens that Joe Brown occasionally smokes Perdomos as well as Chubby Shorts – and, incidentally, he’s African American, not English. So don’t get your Irish temper all fired up.

                                                                                                Your tobacconist

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