Depot’s Quality Cigars Now at -- or even below -- New Jersey prices

            The Depot has the reputation of being the highest quality cigar shop in Orange County. But the big news is that, effective immediately, all of the Depot’s cigars have been repriced with deep reductions – lowering the ticket price by substantial amounts.  In fact, don’t be surprised to see your favorite stick at a circa $2 reduction. For instance, Romeo Y Julieta Reserves in the large Torpedo shape are now only $9.95, Punch’s start at $3.95, and Padron’s at $5.75. And a new gift package of four Perdomos is now only $24.50!
            What has made this repricing possible is that the State finally caught on. The old high tax failed to raise money for the State because it drove many New Yorkers to purchase their cigars in nearby states or online. So at the end of the year the State surprised us all with a Christmas present by chopping the tax from 75% to 28.5%.

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