Perdomo Cigar Company (“Tobacalera Perdomo”) is generally considered a “boutique” cigar company. Although Perdomo has a large factory in Nicaragua, it is a decidedly “hands-on” operation. This includes the Company’s formulation of its own unique blends, but it also extends to overseeing the tobacco growing process and maintaining high quality control over the aging process. Perdomo cigar brands are marketed through select high-quality tobacco shops around the country -- including The Depot in Monroe, NY.  (In fact, Perdomos are the biggest seller in Saratoga’s fancy cigar shop.)    

The Company was founded by Nick Perdomo, Sr., who was tortured and imprisoned by Fidel Castro before he made a narrow escape from Cuba to the United States. The Company is now led by his son, Nick Perdomo, Jr., who is assisted by other former Cubans, including Miguel Rivera, the Factory Manager, Sarah Gonzales, Manager of the Rolling Department, and Gelsy Melgarejo, Manager of the Wrapping Department.

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