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 Contest WINNERS ... and LOSERS

Cigar Bands in the Bowl:  All during December folks registered guesses as to how many cigar bands were in a bowl on the Depot’s rear counter. On New Year all of the entries were opened and Barry Geller came closest with a guess of 772 cigar bands -- versus the actual total of 830. He won a gift box of Perdomos.  Emilio Costoso and Joe Brown each guessed a little lower; so they came in “close, but no cigars”. Many of the guesses were way, way too low. On the other side Carrie Ann Mullahy went over the top with her crazy guess of 3318; so she does not even get “honorable mention”!
Big Winner, Barry Geller
Dog Parade Contest: Over a month earlier the Depot’s two Shih Tzu dogs, Rocky and Penny, won the “Best Dressed” award in the first annual Millpond Pet Parade and Costume Contest in their Pirate Dog Wedding costumes. Penny, who is blind, and Rocky made a fearsome pirate couple. (Incidentally, the Depot sells “Beware of Pet” signs.)

Truly Big Pirate Winners!

Most Obnoxious Newsletter: In the January edition of this newsletter, three clergymen wrote in to call this newsletter the most obnoxious business newsletter around because of its publication of articles by various customers attacking other customers for their tastes in cigars. The newsletter is proud to win any kind of award that it can get! Based on the award, here is a photo of our new symbol.

Valentine's Day Specials

GUYS - Here’s a Valentine’s Day Alternative

            Instead of the usual flowers or chocolates for your lady on Valentine’s Day, consider bringing an early spring into your abode with candles. Women love candles for their scents and looks! The Depot has all sorts of spring scents, including Mango Salsa, Vanilla Lavender and Old Fashioned Lemonade. Poured wine glass candles stuffed with Lindor truffles are also a special treat!  


GALS - 4-Packs of Perdomos are a Perfect Gift

            You simply cannot beat a new Perdomo variety pack of four cigars (for only $24.50) as the perfect Valentine’s Day gift (or any other occasion). 


Gift Wrapping:   Gift wrapping is always free at the Depot Cigar and Candle emporium.

Latest Cigar News - More Price Reductions!

  • A year ago the Flor de Las Antillas was named “Cigar of the Year” by Cigar Aficionado magazine, and it quickly became the Depot’s biggest seller – in good part because it is just about the smoothest cigar on the market. But now that the bloom has gone off the rose just a bit with this year’s choice by the magazine of a Cuban Montecristo, the Depot has taken action to ensure that the Flor de Las Antillas has enduring popularity. The Depot has just lowered the price of this prized cigar from $10.25 down to $8.75 (admittedly aided by the sharp drop in New York’s cigar tax, which we announced in the previous edition of this newsletter).  
  • A customer recently claimed that the Romeo & Julieta torpedo-shaped Reserve cigar ($9.95) is so good that it deserves to be categorized with much more expensive cigars. But now Romeo & Julieta has introduced a new version of its torpedo shape with a white label version that has been quite well-received from all reports. The Depot has them in stock and is awaiting your reactions.    

Cigarette Smokers – It’s Time to Quit!

            You may have a loved one who still smokes cigarettes, or you may have started smoking cigarettes many years ago when you thought it was “cool”. But that time has now passed. Only 18% of American adults still smoke them (versus 42% in 1965).
The solution is right here at the Depot, which has the largest and most diversified selection of electronic cigarettes, as well as the lowest prices, in all of Orange County. They come with various levels of nicotine … but none of the harmful tars and chemicals… in both disposable and rechargeable models. Cecelia is available for counseling to help you make the selection of the brand and model that will best suit you. They start as low as $3.99!


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