March Edition, 2014
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“A woman is only a woman … but a good cigar is a smoke.” Rudyard Kipling

Depot Cigar & Candle Smashes Both
Home Depot and Macys in Sales

    Both Home Depot and Macys reported large sales declines this past January due to terrible weather in most of the Country (and February results will probably not be better). Home Depot alone announced a loss of $100 million in revenues for the month even though its sales of snow removal items (shovels, snow blowers, etc.) increased. Since then, other major retailers have also announced significant sales declines in January.
     In contrast, The Depot Cigar & Candle in Monroe, NY experienced significant increases in January, as well as February, despite several store closure days due to the large snow-falls.
      Vice President Jerry Fincke attributed The Depot’s bad weather success to three causes: “New York’s reduction of its cigar tax enabled us to lower cigar prices to New Jersey levels. Second, our new lines of candles – particularly Northern Lights and Colonial Candles – have even more appeal with females than I do. Finally, The Depot is by far the classiest of the three retail outfits.”

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“Candles may be the most important invention ever – they are portable little fires that brighten the night.”

“To smoke is human; to smoke cigars is divine.”

More Letters to the Editor

I come in The Depot almost daily but have never had the pleasure of meeting either Joe Brown or Kenny Batewell – which is probably fortunate since I am not impressed with their debate over Perdomo cigars. I admit that you have an attractive sale right now of Perdomo four-packs for $24.50; however, in my mind  nothing matches the nutty, relaxing flavor of the Saint Luis Rey Titans.
Emilio Costoso, Chester, NY
I live near Key West in Florida but buy my cigars long distance from The Depot; so I read your nasty Newsletter. I disagree with the three clergymen who wrote in and called the Newsletter “obscene” – it’s just nasty. Having said that, keep up the good work” … and keep resupplying me with smokes. I also approve of the fact that it is not Tobacconist Jerry who is President of the Joint, but rather his much more capable wife.
Chris Scali, Marathon Key, Florida-
I finally met your customer Captain Joe Brown, who it turns out is some big deal in the Monroe court system. That doesn’t change my opinion that he has lousy taste in cigars.
Kenny Batewell, Chester, NY
With St. Patrick's Day approaching I am not going to respond to Irish B.S. I will state, however, that Kenny may be bitter because, when we finally met last week, he invited me for a beer at Bourbon Street and I had to turn him down because I was on duty.
Captain Joe Brown, Yonkers, NY 
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