October Edition, 2014
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"You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore." 

Christopher Columbus


This Month We Celebrate Christopher Columbus’s Greatest Discovery

     Traditionally on Columbus Day we celebrate his “discovery” of the “New World.” For a lot of reasons that is a pile of B.S.
      We now know that the ancestors of native Americans (Indians) arrived here at least 15,000 years earlier. More recently, Vikings landed, and settled, in the New World more than 500 years before Columbus. Furthermore, Columbus never made it to the mainland, and what he did on the Caribbean islands that he visited is disgraceful, resulting in the eradication of the Taino and Aranek Indians who resided there.
                Despite his dubious claim and terrible human rights record, Columbus did make one great discovery – TOBACCO. Europeans loved this new import from the New World, and cigars have flourished in the Old World and the New World ever since.
What is Maduro?
     Translating to “mature” or “ripe” in Spanish, maduro cigar wrappers range from dark brown to pitch black in color. Although cigars with maduro wraps are often stronger than ones with “natural” wrappers, the strength of a cigar is actually determined by its filler tobacco. In fact, a maduro wrapper can often have a mellowing effect on a blend and add some sweetness to the cigar. Maduros include the following tobacco seeds and varieties:
  • Habana, or corojo, come from Cuba, are grown in Nicaragua and elsewhere and have a rich, earthy and semi-sweet wrapper. The Depot has one customer who will buy only Perdomo’s Habano Corojo brand. One of our favorite sticks is Perdomo’s Champagne Noir, which also uses a Nicaraguan corojo wrapper – although of a slightly darker color than its Habano brand.
  • Pennsylvania broadleaf is grown in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, is somewhat spicy and leathery and has a kick.
  • Connecticut broadleaf (not to be confused with the famous Connecticut Shade) has an oily and veiny texture.
  • San Andres is grown in Mexico from Cuban seeds and has an oily, toasty and sweet taste. Our very popular Chubby Short (the Cuban Stock brand) uses a similar wrapper which is grown in the Dominican Republic, but which is a little less sweet than the San Andres wrappers.  
Our New Tobacconist - David Shulman
 David Schulman, the Depot’s new head tobacconist with over six years’ experience working in the cigar industry (at Schlesinger’s) is not shy. “I’m the greatest thing to happen in the cigar world since Columbus discovered cigars on his first voyage,” says he.
Where is Kenny Batewell?
When the United Nations started its current session, the Secretary General called our own Kenny Batewell and 150 of his fellow workers into the Assembly hall (where President Obama would speak a few days later) to formally thank them all for the work they had done to get the U.N. complex ready under great time pressure. Once Kenny reported this honor to us and bought a cigar (as usual, a strong one) to celebrate, he disappeared.
The question is where the hell has Kenny gone? Your guess is welcome.
Our own wild guess is that Kenny now considers himself to be too good for us. Or maybe Kenny’s cigar competitor Captain Joe Brown arrested him for upstaging Captain Joe, who is used to being the star himself at Monroe Town Board Meetings.
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