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School Principal Objects in Advance to this Newsletter Edition
Letter to the Editor:
      I am the wife of Captain Joe Brown, and I happened to come across a draft of your April newsletter on my husband's computer. You have now gone way too far!It's bad enough that you have ridiculed my husband and his nemesis poor Kenny Batewell in prior editions of your newsletter, but opening your April edition with a quote from an outdated misogynist song is the last straw! 
     As a school principal I understand the occasional need for discipline; so I have now forbidden my husband from reading your tasteless newsletter. Furthermore, if there are any more transgressions on the part of your disgusting publication, I may retaliate further on behalf of the female gender by forbidding him from ever entering your shop again -- even if that means he has to go elsewhere to buy his beloved Perdomo Cigars.
     The Depot has always carried Cigar Aficionado's 2008 Cigar of the Year: the Casa Magna. But starting three years ago we have specialized in also featuring other Cigars of the Year as soon as possible after each has been announced. In fact, the Flor de las Antillas from three years ago -- an outstanding, particularly smooth cigar -- has been our biggest seller ever since we introduced it -- and at only $8.75. (Yet, mysteriously, some other quality shops in other regions still don't even carry it or, if they do, at a high price.) 
      Then the following year came the Aging Room Quattro (actually, the runner-up to a Cuban Montecristo winner, which we are forbidden by law from carrying). The Quattro remains on our popular top shelf. 
     Then this year Oliva came out with its Serie V Melanio in a Figurado shape, which has caught on with some customers despite its priceyness ($18.35). But we have now attacked that price problem by carrying that smoke's smaller brother in the Robusto size at only $10.85 -- the same tobacco but not the hard-to-roll Figurado shape.
Chakra Candles and Unique Salt Lamps
In addition to a newly extended line of Aloha Bay Himalayan Salt Lights, The Depot now also offers Chakra Energy Candles, which are scented with 100% pure essential oils. Anyone who meditates or who wants to attract money or love will appreciate their beneficial vapors. A set of seven chakra candles makes a perfect gift for one's spouse. 
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