November Edition, 2016
Last month we announced that a Torano Vault cigar would be awarded to each of the first three winners of our "What is wrong with Donald" contest. What no one predicted is that two of the three winners would be Trump supporters while only one is a Clinton supporter.

Here are the three winners, who should come to The Depot Cigar & Candle to pick up their prizes:
1. Nick Parckys
2. keepug@(---------)
3. Naim Alpar
Thank you for your participation. Now get out and VOTE!
President Obama has eased the ban against Cuban cigars and rum for the second time this year. From now on Americans visiting Cuba can bring back an unlimited amount of Cuban cigars and rum for their personal use. Unfortunately, cigars will still be banned for resale in the United States unless and until Congress acts to lift the ban altogether after the election.
Meanwhile, there are two concerns about buying Cuban cigars. First, even in Cuba they are still very expensive. Second in both Cuba and other countries many cigars being sold as "Cuban cigars" are in fact forgeries.
Punch Cigars Originally German and English
Unlike most cigar brands the Punch line does not have Spanish or Hispanic roots. After a German founded the brand in 1840, Punch cigars became an inspiration for Punch and Judy shows in Victorian England. It was not until near the end of that century that Manuel Lopez Fernandez bought the cigar line, which is now manufactured in Nicaragua.
Romeo y Julieta Cigars Made Famous by an Englishman
Even though Romeo y Julieta was an award-winning cigar in the latter part of the nineteenth century, the line did not become famous until it was purchased in 1903 by Jose "Pepin" Rodriguez Fernandez. But it was English Prime Minister Winston Churchill who made that brand as well as the 7" by 47 ring gauge famous in the industry.
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