September Edition, 2016
Customer Complaint --
(not against us, thankfully):
Restaurateur and musician Andy LaDue just returned from vacation in Cape May and reported visiting a very fancy cigar shop there which had a beautiful display of the new Leaf cigars. His complaint? He reports that the prices were not just higher than ours at The Depot -- they were so much higher that the visit soured his vacation. (Speaking of Leaf cigars, see the next article.)
New Head Tobacconist
Since the retirement of former Head Tobacconist David Shulman, our own Kathy Batewell has assumed that title. It may seem a little strange for a female and non-cigar smoker to hold that exalted position EXCEPT that Kathy does occasionally indulge in a Leaf cigar and is a strong advocate of the Leaf. Kathy has two glaring weaknesses, however.
First, she is married to customer Kenny Batewell, who used to ridicule former customer Captain Joe Brown, who fled our area.
Second, Kathy has not yet mastered her predecessor's BS ability in describing various cigars, such as, "leathery taste" or "earthy taste with a touch of spice."
We all miss David and his cigar BS, but Kathy is a terrific replacement.
What's New this Month?
Each month we introduce at least one new cigar -- most recently, the Psyko, the Gispert and Consuegra No. 84. This month we're pleased to announce the addition of the beautiful San Cristobal in the robusto size. At $11.95 it's a little pricey for a "Cigar of the Month" -- but it's a great smooth smoke!
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