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New Cigar of the Year Arrives

     Last month we announced that Cigar Aficionado (the Bible of cigar smokers) had chosen its new Cigar of the Year -- the Oliva Serie V Melanio Figurado -- and that The Depot was in line to get one of the first releases. Well they have arrived, but in limited quantity and at a high price (as we warned last month).
    The new winner is torpedo shaped with a Nicarguan binder and filler and has an Ecuadorian Sumatra seed wrapper. This gives it the same rich appearance as our popular Punch Corojo
Ecuadorian; although, at $19.75 per stick, it's twice the price. It's housed on the top shelf next to last year's runner-up, the Aging Room Quattro ($13.95), which is in turn next to the winner of the previous year, out most popular Flor de Las Antillas (only $8.75). 

Other New Arrivals...

      On the same shelf are two other new arrivals -- Comachos, also from Ecuador but without a red wrapper ($7.85) and the new Gurkha Ancient Warrier at only $5.15, which Kenny Batewell claims can only be purchased by persons of Irish heritage -- thus making his rival Captain Joe Brown ineligible.
What Happened to the Royal Jamaican brand?
     Many folks used to equate Jamaica and the Dominican Republic with creating great mild cigars, but Jamaica is no longer in the running. The Royal Jamaica brand was a delicious cigar (and the favorite of the editor of this newsletter) until its factory was destroyed in a hurricane. That left only the D.R.
     The Depot features lots of D.R. brands, including Cuban Stock cigars made in the D.R. but with tobacco grown from Cuban seeds. They include our popular Chubby Longs and Chubby Shorts, which look like they are exceedingly strong, but in actuality are medium to mild.  

The Color of Your Wrapper Matters in a Different Way than You May Think
     Contrary to conventional wisdom, a light-colored (natural
or claro) cigar does 
necessarily mean a mild cigar (versus a full-bodied cigar). What it does mean is that the wrapper is contributing less to the overall flavor of the cigar than would a maduro or other type of wrapper.       More about this subject in a future newsletter.
What Is Captain Joe Brown Up To?
Everyone recognizes Captain Joe as being the officer who keeps order at Monroe Town Board meetings when the United Monroe audience vents its opposition to the actions of the K.J. influenced Town Board. But lately Captain Joe has been relatively non-aggressive in responding to the insults from Kenny Batewell about Joe's alleged lack of good taste in cigars. Maybe the next issue of the newsletter will unveil Captain Joe's retort to Kenny's insults. 
Guys, remember that The Depot has all sorts of Valentine's Day types of gifts, including candles and earringsAND you can get them wrapped for free!
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