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Regarding tobacco: “When tillage begins, other arts follow. The farmers therefore are the founders of human civilization.”

Daniel Webster


Thanksgiving is Tobacco Month

     The English settlers in Jamestown, Virginia, discovered the magic of tobacco in North America in 1607 (after Columbus and Spanish conquistadors had already encountered it in Central America). John Rolfe, the leader of the Jamestown settlers then started shipping tobacco back to England. Pipe and cigar smoking quickly caught on in England as well as elsewhere in Europe.
     In 1616 Rolfe went out of business when he married the Indian princess Pocahontas and moved with her to London. But pipes and cigars remained the legacy of the Jamestown colony and tobacco growing flourished; so by the time the Pilgrims arrived in Plymouth, Massachusetts, a decade later, North America was already famous for its tobacco.
     The rest of that 17th century is therefore sometimes referred to as “The Great Age of the Pipe”.

Thanksgiving Also Starts the
Holiday Gift Season


And The Depot’s Discounts Make It Easy on the Wallet

Cigar smokers who are veterans now get a 10% discount on cigars at The Depot. And anyone, veteran or not, can get a “mix and match” discount – pick any mix of ten cigars and get a 10% discount at the register … OR make it a mix of 15 cigars and get a 15% discount … OR get a box of any cigars that we have in stock or that we order for you and get a 20% discount. Plus, don’t forget, The Depot provides free gift wrapping!
The Perfect Christmas Gift for the woman (or man) in your life…
Who doesn’t love the scent and ambiance of a beautiful candle? Well, it so happens that we carry Colonial Candles, as well as Northern Lights. There are plenty of beautiful candles suitable for gifts in both holiday and year ‘round fragrances, plus a gorgeous selection of holders, tapers, votives, wax melts and more. We even have candles in men’s cologne fragrances!
The Depot and Politics
      The Depot does not hide the fact that it gets involved in supporting community efforts such as United Monroe, a grass-roots political movement that has spread beyond the Monroe town borders.
     On another level our head tobacconist David Schulman recently stayed awake for 48 hours one weekend playing video games for a charity event raising money to fight children’s cancer. [The Depot and David thank everyone who donated to the effort!]
To the Editor

This Newsletter is Getting Boring!

Ever since three clergymen wrote a letter to the Editor calling The Depot Newsletter "obscene", you have toned it down so much that it's gotten downright boring. The stories about the history of tobacco are okay, but what we really want are more articles like the Kenny Batewell / Captain Joe Brown fight about cigars.
A Loyal but Bored customer

Dear Loyal but Bored,

Thank you for your thoughts. We will try to do better to appeal to stupid people like you.
The Editor
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