August Edition, 2017
Not One -- But TWO -- Cigars of the Month ...
and at Amazingly Low Prices!
Boneshaker (6 x 60 ) is aptly named. It's a terrific/fantastic strong smoke and it's priced at only $6.35 at The Depot.
Punch's Bareknuckle, is a much milder and shorter smoke, but it's delicious. Best yet it's a paltry $4.85 at The Depot.
Our August "Cigars of the Month" also have great endorsements.
The two leading aficionados from our biggest competitor, JR Cigars in New Jersey, who vouch for the Boneshaker have interesting nicknames: "Cannonball Joe" (who picked up his name as a high school fullback in Hackensack), and "Grassman Dennis" (an expert landscaper on the rare occasions when his equipment happens to be working).
This leaves the Bareknuckle looking for an equally prestigious endorser. For that we have to hope for a return of our own Captain Joe, who loves Nubs. We miss him badly ever since he was dismissed from the local scene during the Town of Monroe's political wars last year. (In fact, our employees now sing a ditty to his memory:
"Where did you come from, Where did you go, We sure miss you Captain Joe")
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