These beautiful, handcrafted crystal salt lights glow in soft pinkish-orange whether illuminated by bulbs or by candles. Some believe that the heated salt crystals emit negative ions into the air, which help to alleviate depression and stress, and may even boost our energy levels.

Each piece is skillfully carved from rough blocks of salt into a soothing rounded shape. Mined from large crystal formations in the foothills of the Himalayas, colors range from deep orange to pale pink, but you can be sure that each is unique – and lovely!

Priced from $7.99 to $32.99

Inside the store

Cigars & Cigarillos
Personal humidors
Travel humidors
Humidifiers & Hygrometers
Cigar cutters & Punches
Hand-carved Pipes
Traditional Zippo lighters
Butane lighters
Incense & holders
Himalayan Crystal Salt lights

Candle Brands

Colonial Candle (inc. seasonal and year 'round highly-scented jars, votives, tea lights and wax melts, unscented pillars and tapers, and electric warmers.)
Northern Lights Candles (Best known for its beautiful and highly-fragrant poured mercury-glass candles, intriguing multi-colored pillars, spherical candles, 6-hour tealights, wrought-iron holders and other quality accessories.) 
Aloha Bay (inc. Fair-Trade, hand-crafted Himalayan Crystal Salt candle holders, lights and "fire bowls".)

Odor Eliminator Candles - Eliminate odors, including smoke, through an enzyme formulation including odors in kitchens from cooking, pet smells, mildew and anything else that is foul smelling. We also carry sprays and car hangers. 

Colored Drip Candles - meant to drip to create a cool multi-colored waxy effect. Wonderful as a centerpiece.